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The Maremma sheepdog is First and Foremost a guardian. They are very intelligent and their natural instinct to protect is second to none. They are typically very loyal to their immediate family including children. They are, however, instinctively wary of strangers and are not shy about making their presence known.

Maremmas are not a dog that should be confined to a small space. They require room to move and run. The natural instinct of the maremma guardian dog predisposes them to be happiest in open spaces with a job to perform. They are at their best when they have a flock to watch over. Once they become adapted to their new charges – whether it be poultry, sheep, goats, cattle, etc. – they will adopt that flock as their own and will fiercely protect it. Best results are achieved when 2 dogs are allowed to work as a team. Very large producers will often use several guardian dogs, depending on the predator threat.

Our Maremmas come from a long line of working parents. Our puppies are born with, live with, and learn to work with goats and/or sheep. Because of their natural protective instinct, they can be introduced to and will adapt to a variety of settings.

Our first choice is, and will always be, to place our maremma puppies with working farms where they will live with the livestock they are expected to protect.

A guardian dog is a serious and valuable investment. We will gladly discuss them with serious buyers. Your success is our success.

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