Our puppies are from 5th generation working purebred maremma parents. They are raised inside the goat and/or sheep pens, gradually transitioning to being with the animals "full time".  Pups come with vet checks, first vaccinations, and microchips.

--------------------------------------------------------- Our Fall 2020 litter is here!!-----------------------------------------------------------

This litter is out of Mountain Mist Benson Ranch Arwyn and Cabrita Hills Vito. All of these pups are currently spoken for.     

Our next expected litter is in Winter 2021 (Jan/Feb) from Chiara and Niko.  The waitlist is already started so please contact us to join!            

Cost of a Limited Registration (no breeding rights) maremma pup is $1100.00 CDN. 

Cost of a Full Registration (includes breeding rights) pup is $2500.00 CDN. 

A $250.00 CDN deposit is necessary to Hold a maremma pup. Full payment - includes deposit - is due at time of pick-up or before transport. First come first served, i.e., the first deposit will have first choice of pups, then second and so on. As we cannot predict the number of puppies in each litter, we may not be able to fill all requests. If so, your deposit will be refunded or put towards the next litter, your choice. Included in the total fee per pup is deworming, first vet check and shots, and microchip. 

We believe in having our dogs OFA Hip/Elbow certified. We are currently the only breeder to receive certification with the Maremma Sheepdog Club of America as ethical breeders in Canada. We believe that all breeders - regardless of breed - should have their breeding pairs tested. This does not guarantee that a pup will not develop problems but it certainly improves their odds. All breeders owe it to their clients to promote the best their breed has to offer.

Results from our current and upcoming breeding stock (PennHip does not have an online database. Scores available on request):

Cabrita Hills Vito:

Cabirta Hills Chiara:

Sky Island Niko: PennHip tested.

Mountain Mist Benson Ranch Arwyn: PennHip tested.


The buyer is responsible for the cost of a kennel and airfare if the pups are flown. Due to the distance from the nearest airport, we also charge an airport delivery fee of $125.00. If more than one buyer is involved (i.e. more than one pup is being transported at the same time) this airport fee is shared between buyers. We will work with you to ensure the best airline for transport. Keep in mind some airlines have a lower transport fee when the owner or a transporter is on the same flight.

Blaine Healey 204-734-9147

Box 2082, Swan River, MB, Canada, R0L 1Z0

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