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Located 500 kilometers (300 miles) northwest of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is the Swan River Valley. Our valley is flanked on the north by the Porcupine Hills and on the south by the Duck Mountains. Nestled in the heart of the valley is the town of Swan River. The basin of The Valley is a mixture of rich farm lands and livestock producers, interspersed with scattered bluffs of trees, creeks, and small rivers. The Swan River runs through its center. The Valley is bordered by heavy deciduous forests and has a long history in the forest industry.

Several years ago, in conjunction with Mountain Edge Farm, we became invested in Kiko goats. Mountain Edge Farms' approach to husbandry and their ethical approach - that breeders have the ethical responsibility to promote the betterment of species under their care - firmly mirrors our own. Producing and raising any livestock requires a tremendous investment of time and moneys. Certain livestock are at a much greater risk of predation – goats fall under this category. In 2020, some of our dogs moved to protecting sheep as well. 

We are not alone in our valley. It is also home to coyotes, wolves, bears and cougars. Predators can quickly destroy your profit margins. We learned the value of quality livestock guardian dogs: They work 24/7, 365 days a year. We firmly believe the single best investment a producer can make to safeguard their stock is a livestock guardian dog.

The best guardian dogs are raised with and live with their charges. We have found our Maremmas are the best guardian dogs for us. We encourage you to do your homework, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.   

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